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Meet Patrick

Patrick was born in 2021 with an underlying heart condition that required open-heart surgery in the first six months of his life.

Patrick Donohoe

Patrick was born with an underlying heart condition and so as a baby was taken to Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin. Where he was cared for by the amazing team in the CHI at Crumlin Heart Centre. Michelle, Patrick’s Mam has shared their experience with us.  

“Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin is a very special place. I don’t think anyone doubts the incredible work that is done there on a day-to-day basis. We have always been a supporter of Crumlin’s Children’s Hospital and their work, but I don’t think we ever fully appreciated just what an incredible place it is until we experienced, first-hand, the work that is done there.  

“Our little boy Patrick was born in 2021 with an underlying heart condition that required open-heart surgery in the first six months of his life. Our journey with Crumlin started well before his arrival and by the time that Patrick was born, we had met his cardiologist, Orla Franklin and her team a number of times. His nurse specialist arranged for us to visit Crumlin, allowing us to get to know the hospital and in particular the Heart Centre, where we would be spending some time over the coming months.  We made our first trip to CHI at Crumlin when Patrick was just shy of four-weeks-old. After that first visit, we had weekly calls with his team and monthly visits to meet his cardiologist in Crumlin until we got the call to bring Patrick for his surgery when he was nearly four-months-old.  

“Handing over our little boy for such a major surgery was such an emotionally challenging day and one we won’t ever forget. There was comfort in knowing that Patrick needed this surgery and that we were entrusting our little boy to an expert team who are the best in class at what they do. There is no two ways about it, the people who work in Crumlin (from the cardiologists, consultants, surgeons, doctors, nurses, social workers, carers, house staff and everyone who works there) are very special people. The work they do cannot be easy, yet they do it with such care, honesty, optimism, friendliness, willingness and kindness, all we can say is we are in awe of them and forever grateful to them all.  

“Patrick had his open-heart surgery in Crumlin on the 24th May 2021 and after a short stay, was enroute back to Cork to his big brothers James, Sean and Michael. Thankfully Patrick hasn’t looked back since his surgery, and it is really hard to imagine or compare where we were to where we are now. He is the happiest, healthiest and most fun-loving little man and he brightens every day. As we approach the two year anniversary of Patrick’s heart surgery, we wanted to share his story to inspire more people to help raise vital funds for Children’s Health Foundation and the people who do such an incredible job across Children’s Health Ireland.” 

“Every donation makes a real difference and allows the people there to do what they do best, save lives and give children like Patrick a better quality of life.” 

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There is so much more work to do for sick children and it means the world to us, and to everyone in Children’s Health Ireland hospitals and urgent care centres that you are joining us in this story by taking part in our Dare To Be Brave challenge.

We know these challenges will push you to your limits and take you outside your comfort zone, so to help keep you motivated, we’ll share some inspiring stories from our fantastic CHI staff and patients with you along the way.

We hope you know that the adventure you’re embarking on will help us to do even more for sick children; to continue supporting essential projects, funding new initiatives and making paediatric research possible.