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Your impact

By taking part in Children’s Health Foundation’s Dare to be Brave adventure series, you are raising funds to support the life-saving work of CHI at Crumlin, Temple Street, Tallaght and Connolly.

Without your support, we could not care for the hundreds of thousands of children who come through our doors every year. Our vision is to give every sick child the very best chance. By daring to be brave, you are helping make that vision become a reality. Thank you.

Every time a sick child comes through the door of CHI at Crumlin, Temple Street, Tallaght or Connolly, a new story begins.

Whether that is the start of a long journey of care with CHI’s world-class frontline teams or just a one-time visit, the support you are giving by taking part in our new Dare To Be Brave challenge series, will have a real and lasting impact on each and every one of these sick children and their families.

Your amazing support allows us to invest in the hospitals where it is needed most and invest in projects that transform and enhance the care that children receive in CHI every single day. Below is just some examples of where essential donations are being put to work to help transform little lives, and support families at their most difficult times.

Through our vital and life-saving equipment fund, our amazing supporters have helped to make state-of-the-art equipment possible right across CHI’s hospitals, like funding the StealthStation, a vital piece of specialist equipment that is used in the Neurosurgery Department at CHI Temple Street. This high-tech surgical navigation system allows surgeons to merge MRI and CT scans so that they can create a 3D image of the brain. It allows them plan their approach with virtual tools and is used during surgery for a more complete and accurate real-time picture of the operating area.

Donations have also allowed us fund monitors and infusion pumps for St. John’s Ward in CHI at Crumlin. These monitors are vital, as they increase patient safety by allowing medical teams monitor patient vital signs. The new infusion pumps are in constant use too, to deliver medication to patients when they need them.

Creating a warm, welcoming and home-from-home environment is so important to CHI frontline teams, to ensure that children and their families have the best, most positive hospital experience possible. With your support, we are able to continue funding a wide range of patient and parental supports, like entertaining, distracting and therapeutic events and activities in each hospital and play specialists help create a fun and enjoyable experience, specific to the needs of the children and young people in their care.

From Saturday Clubs in Temple Street with fun and creative activities like arts, crafts and magic shows, to the Giggle Fund in Crumlin that makes special activities and events possible, you are helping bring joy and smiles to sick children in hospital.

We are committed to supporting paediatric research that will help pave the way for better, gentler treatments and cures for sick children today, tomorrow and into the future. With your help and support, we promote, foster and support ground-breaking research into childhood illnesses, health and well-being, to save and improve young lives.

By helping to fund research projects that focus on a wide range of paediatric illnesses, donations are being put to work that have the potential to make a real difference for children today and future generations. This is the power of your support.

From refurbishing old wards to making exciting, new projects a reality, supporters like you are transforming care for children by funding new and emerging services and development initiatives across CHI at Crumlin, Temple Street, Tallaght and Connolly.

 With your support, we are able to support a new and innovative projects – like a music therapy service for children undergoing dental treatment in Temple Street. The first of its kind in Ireland, this project sees the Dental & Music Therapy teams working jointly to deliver the very best in child centred care & positive patient outcomes.

 We are also able to breathe new life into old facilities like Nazareth’s Ward in Crumlin, which was renovated in 2020 through the power of donations. The project saw seventeen patient rooms and a treatment room upgraded, creating more space for worried parents to sleep beside their baby’s cot.

There is so much more work to do for sick children and it means the world to us, and to everyone in CHI’s hospitals and urgent care centres that you are joining us in this story by taking part in our Dare To Be Brave challenge. We know these challenges will push you to your limits and take you outside your comfort zone, so to help keep you motivated, we’ll share some inspiring stories from our fantastic CHI staff and patients with you along the way.

We hope you know that the adventure you’re embarking on will help us to do even more for sick children; to continue supporting essential projects, funding new initiatives and making paediatric research possible.